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A ll life is energy— and so are you. It’s one of life’s many secrets I’m beginning to learn— and put into practice every day— showing up as who I am.

When you learn to show up for who you are and as who you are— life will always show up for you— bringing you the needed grace to help you stand in all your fullness.

How do we show up for ourselves? By accepting who we are— everything! Our smiles, our hurt, our secrets, the weakness, the strengths— acknowledge everything and use them for the greater good of mankind.

You needn’t be perfect. Because you’ll never be; at least, not on this earth. But if you can take all of your seeming weaknesses; and all of your strength; and all of your love— and invest them into something worthwhile that can bring good to mankind! That is where love abides. That is where God abides. That is where life begins- Isaac Parbey

God is Life. Find your strength and start living.