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Her National Service was at City Investment Limited. The reputable finance house offered her fulltime employment when she completed her service.

Four years on, here she was, holding a plaque of excellence— representing how her life had evolved.  

“There are people who come into your life and set you free. They set you free to be happy, to believe and heal,” Amina finally found her voice when the audience calmed down, “first of all I want to thank my employers for this award. I come to work with joy because it’s a family atmosphere here. It more than work for me, it’s a blessing,” she paused and then continued:

“I also want to say thank my colleagues who make this environment a health competition place to work. I have worked with a number of you closely and I am always inspired by your great minds. I also want to thank my parents for their care and support over the years, it’s been quite a journey for us”

She paused again and then said, “but very importantly, I want to thank the woman who had been the biggest miracle for me, Mrs Linda Amankwah,” Amina stretched her right arm towards Linda, now a seventy-year-old woman, full of grace and beauty, “She is my black excellence. She had been the strength of my life…, and mother,”

Her eyes were glued on Linda, dressed beautifully in her kente clothes, tears running down her face. Amina was the daughter she never had and she loved her, “I dedicate this award to you mum,” The audience started applauding again. She bowed lightly and stepped away from the microphone.

Dedicated to all good hearts helping wings fly

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