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After hours of questioning at the police station, in the presence of his wife, he finally admitted to having sexual relations with Amina multiple times.

He was put behind bars and processed for court. Linda filed the story and it was published in the Rainbow in the Newspaper where she worked.

Linda was a forty-five and without children. Her husband passed away three years ago and since then, she had been focusing on her work and taking care of herself.

She asked the Social Welfare if she could adopt a girl like Amina? That would need the approval of her parents since they were still alive. Linda arranged for Amina’s parents to come to the city for this purpose.

After hearing everything their daughter had been through at the hand of the Zibahs, they decided against Linda adopting their girl, but she could go ahead and support her in any way she deemed fit.

Amina was enrolled in a boarding house to continue her education. Even though she was the oldest in class six at fifteen years old, it didn’t discourage her at all. She considered herself lucky.

The girls she used to work with would kill for an opportunity like this. So she tried as much as possible to put her past behind her and forge ahead. There were times when memories came back to haunt her.

Linda introduced Amina to a clinical psychologist who helped Amina process her experiences and with time, Amina learned to trust, forgive, and bury her abusive past.

She was broken, but thankfully, she was mending again. After basic school, Amina went on to senior high school and studied business. She was excellent at Mathematics; a gift she discovered she had when she was running Mrs Zibah’s shop. She excelled in high school and went to the university where studied business administration. She graduated with first-class honours, unsurprisingly. Linda threw her a party still, to celebrate the excellent young woman she was becoming. 

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