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But life took a sour turn in the city. Living with Florence, her husband and two daughters was nothing to write home about. Each day seemed harder than the one before.

Bedsides managing the shop, Amina, saw to the all the house chores which included cooking, washing, dusting and cleaning. She was always tired.

A year slipped by and she wished to go back home but Mrs Zibah told her scrap that desire out of her books, as well as going to school or learning fashion designing. Her job was always going to be running the shop and cleaning the house.

Her situation worsened when Mr Zibah started molesting her. Every time he got a chance to touch her inappropriately, he did and soon he started having sex with the fourteen-year-old girl whenever his wife and daughters were absent.

He warned her not to tell and threatened her with death. Amina endured several nights of Mr Zibah’s abuses until finally, she got pregnant— which came to Mrs Zibah’s notice on a Saturday morning when Amina suddenly started throwing up in the kitchen.

She asked Amina if she was pregnant. Amina said she didn’t know. Then she asked her if she had been sleeping with boys. That was when Amina began to cry.

She repeated the question and Amina began to tell her about all the nights Mr Zibah came into her room when she was away. Mrs Zibah called Amina a liar and threatened to send her away if she didn’t stop accusing her husband.

Amina maintained her story. Mrs. Zibah went into the Amina’s room and came back with her bag. She threw them at her and asked Amina to leave the house. Amina didn’t have anywhere to go.

She begged and cried but Mrs Zibah said she was done with her. She said Amina was trying to disgrace her and she didn’t want any part of it. Amina left the house.

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