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Linda Amankwah came into Amina’s life one bright Monday morning of many years ago when she was driving to work. She was then a practising journalist at Rainbow Newspaper.

She saw Amina, a then heavily pregnant teenager, stretched on the pavement of the bus stop. Linda instantly shuddered at the sight, fearing the girl might be lifeless. She pulled over and almost jumped out of her car.

When she got closer to the body and realized the girl of about fifteen years old was breathing, she heaved a sigh of relief. She went on her knees and touched her. The girl startled out of her sleep and found Linda looking down at her, tenderly.

Linda asked if she wanted to sit. She nodded and Linda helped her do that. That was the beginning of their heavenly ordained relationship, as Linda has described it over the years. She asked the girl why she was sleeping in the open like that. Amina started to narrate her story.


Three years ago, she was brought to the city by Mrs Florence Zibah from Aluzi, a small village in the Northern region.

Florence Zibah promised her parents she would be taken good care of; shelter, food, clothes and formal education; and in turn, she was going to help in the running of Mrs Zibah’s supermarket.

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