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The backdrop of the podium was brightly lit. Equally, she was an enchantment to watch, standing in her long faded pink flowery dress, her short kinky hair revealed the arches of her soft face to standout. As she smiled, tears glassed her eyes and the audience rose, beating their palms.

She was trying not to blink because tears would run down her cheeks. But importantly, looking at the happy men and women beating their palms for her, she finally believed in miracles.

She certainly had come a long way from where she started— and in that poignant moment, she couldn’t find her voice. Sometimes, words weren’t enough, “Thank you, thank you,” she finally mumbling into the microphone she was standing behind. Tears were rolling down her cheeks now.

And the applause continued. She was receiving the Mighty and Black Excellence Award. She was Amina Yireh, a banker who had been working with City Investment Limited for four years. Every year, the multi-million company with over fifty branches across the country held its Excellence Awards to honour outstanding employees.

At thirty years Amina was the youngest of the seven honorees and she couldn’t hold back her tears as she stood on the podium with her magnificent plaque.

It was a sobering moment and yet full of pride and overwhelming joy. It was more than receiving an award. It was a testament to her life; the struggles and pain she had survived and the little joys in between that had brought her thus far. She was full of gratitude.

As she looked back at the crowd, her eyes found that of the beautiful woman who had been her saving grace years ago. She was smiling right back at her with tears in her eyes— the woman whose generosity had helped become all that she was that evening— Mrs Linda Amankwah.

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