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I almost had a blackout the day I saw you in the supermarket, two months ago.

You did not see me. But I saw you and staggered. My heart skipped beats and sweat covered my skin all at once. It was a miracle your eyes didn’t land on me.

I hid, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you; you, the lady I promised to marry but didn’t. There are days I regret not approaching you. Some other days too, I tell myself it was for the best.

Should I have approached you, what would I have said? How would I have started the conversation and would you have even given me some attention?

You probably would have. Because if there is anything I remember about you, it’s your good heart. And I only hope my betrayal didn’t change it when I suddenly called off our engagement without substantial reasons and walked away. I think I didn’t give you any reasons at all. I just ended things.

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