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Nii has a girlfriend and I am no competition. He sometimes invites me to join them on movie nights. His girlfriend is understanding and a friend too.

Surprisingly, our first encounters weren’t cordial. We got to know each other in senior high school. We hated each other because I thought Nii was full of himself. He was also the school prefect.

It wasn’t until we graduated, then we became acquaintances. We lived in the same neighbourhood so we often run into each other and found it necessary to share pleasantries. I started to notice his good manners and started to like him.

Nii invited me to the Afua Sutherland Park to watch a show and that was the beginning of our great friendship. We have helped each other in good ways, mostly financially and emotionally.

I’m glad we are in each other’s life. And all I can say now is that our friendships come close to family. I’m glad it’s a fun-crazy one.

As told by Miss Loretta Ashie

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