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Friendships are golden and must be treated as such. It is more than being around people, laughing at their jokes or pretending you like them when really don’t.

Friendships must see you through good and bad times; make you smile and tell you the truth even when it hurts. Friendship must have your best intentions at heart and be willing to travel the courses of time with you.

And in my experience, Nii Kotey, it has been so much more. I got to know him in later parts of 2009.

Even though he is kind and uncomplicated, in the latter part of June last year, we had a terrible misunderstanding and I thought that would crush our friendship- Loretta Ashie

In retrospect, we both knew that the fault and I didn’t expect him to apologize. I admit now that I over-reacted. That misunderstanding happened on a Wednesday afternoon. He walked away hurt, but the next day he was standing at my door, apologizing.

I did the same and the experience I feared would destroy our friendship rather strengthened our union.

Now we are more patient with each other. He respects my choices and I respect his; I’m allowed to give my opinions and I listen to his. Nii has also taught me perseverance.

It is one positive trait of his I can’t overlook. Now I don’t give up easily too. And I use our friendship as a standard. If the union is not influencing me positively like the one I share with Nii, I cut it off.

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