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W hen you become friends with somebody, you never know what to expect. My case wasn’t any different; how close were we going to become; Would the friendship last and how would we influence each other?

Many questions. Nii Kotey Nee Quaye and I have become closer than I thought would ever be. He is funny, good looking, kind and smart. I’ll describe my friend a good old pearl. It’s been six years since I found him.

Truth is, many people find themselves in relationships and friendships they should be in, mostly unhealthy ones. And it is heartbreaking to see the kind of thing they endure.

This is my view: if the relationship is not serving you any better today, it won’t be any better tomorrow?

I am happy my friendship with Nii Kotey Nee Quaye, is grounded in trust, kindness and mutual respect. I’m very much thankful for it, considering we are currently living in a world where opposite-sex relationships are mostly unhealthy. But Nii Kotey is an honourable gentleman.

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