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Today I picked up a big cheque— my first phat cheque— I’m not going to divulge the amount.

Keeping that to myself, but I’m going to say that, it came from work done for one of a renowned Film Production Company’s in my country. Yup, I’m getting into the big shots now.

So picture me looking down at this legal tender which was specifying the amount I was receiving for writing on a TV Drama Series. My first time writing for TV, by the way. And picture the infectious ear to ear grin I couldn’t hide even if I tried to, as I stared down at this paper. Now guess the thought I was engaging.

I’ll tell you. I was thinking, “Damn Isaac! It’s been a long time coming! Look at you! A TV writer…, getting a cheque for your craft,” I chuckled softly, and then I threw my head back in loud laughter. Of course I did the happy dance and jumped around for a while, and afterwards, I went straight to the bank and deposited my cheque into my account, to be cleared in two days.

I’m still smiling.

The point I’m trying to make is, if you work it, it will work; if you apply yourself to the hustle, you’re bound to achieve some level of success — so you keep exploring all the dimensions of your craft, and you keep working.

This is particularly big for me because I didn’t start out to write or produce for TV. All I’ve always wanted to do is publish; write prose and publish. But as I’ve come to learn, the bigger picture continues to unfold as you keep living, but not without your input. So you trust and keep working.

How I found myself screenwriting: about five years ago, a friend enrolled in Film and Television school, (I went to journalism school) and suddenly, I found myself becoming a screenwriter— one assignment after another, as I helped him develop and write his short films, I also picked up screenwriting knowledge and skills, and I’m still learning.

I’ve been practicing on the side for some time now, turning some of my short stories into screenplays, and this year, it finally happened. After a recommendation by a colleague, I got THE Call (we all have that one big call we wait for) to write on a TV Drama Series.

What? Me? Lil’Ol Me? I accepted the contract and got to work, daily being creative on paper in all the best ways I know how. An immensely rewarding experience it has been. The first phase of the project is over. Keenly, looking forward to be part of the next phase going forward, next year.  

So about this big cheque in my account now (smiley face) I’m so grateful for it, and this piece of writing is just to encourage myself to continue trusting, believing for the best and keep working hard. You should do same.

As told by Kwame Attoh