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B abes.I make it difficult to love me. I’m overly picky, easily bored, demanding, grammar nazi, a little controlling, I worry, and I’m a Virgo! Deal with it lol!

These are the reasons why I feel so blessed to have you. You don’t judge me…, well not to my face. Where I lack— you show up.

They say everyone is going to hurt you, you just need to find the ones worth suffering for… cliché right but I absolutely found that one person. That said don’t even try it, I’ll find you and I’ll hurt you back.

I’m thankful to God I didn't have to be 40yrs to find you,… that would have been a lot of men to go through considering how easily  I used to breakup- Flora

Until you there was no one I wanted to be around when am upset. Crazy stupid love right. You know how I know we will survive because put everything else aside and we still have our friendship. We still goof around, play hide and seek at home, do dance battles; we make our own rules no gender burdens on each other. I feel extremely blessed for you.

And to think I almost didn’t give us a chance… Sigh. I thank God for low points in life, they help us to humble ourselves enough to open our eyes to the things right under our nose. It helps us realize just how blessed we are with all we have and to hold on and appreciate it better. You are my answered prayer. You will forever be the standard I hold every other person esp. men to. The bar is way too high. Good luck fellas

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