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Creativity is central to living happy and purposefully. Without creativity, life is likely to be boring and unproductive.

As humans, we always need to be striving towards our highest and brightest potentials. Being creative is the way to go. The following tips can help us live more colourfully:

Jot down thoughts and ideas:

I have a notepad on my phone and it’s full of ideas and thoughts that I get daily. So I know there is always something to work on, ponder over or read more about. These keep my mind active, perspectives fresh and creative juices flowing. There is never a dull moment in your life when there’s something you’re passionate about to work on. Start jotting down ideas and make your life fuller and richer.

Block out the noise:

Creativity sometimes demands solitude. You’ll need to create a “Me Time” for yourself to explore your ideas, plans and thoughts. For a while, put away things (like phones, social media, calls, friends etc) that will distract you and focus on the idea or thought you want to engage. Explore what you want to do; how you want the idea look, things it should represent and how you can start. Be excited about it and hit the road ASAP!

Surround yourself with other creative minds and things that inspire you:

Even though creativity demands solitude, it also thrives well in the midst of other innovative minds. So take time to share your ideas with people of like mind; they can help you explore your ideas further and come up with innovative ways to implement them. Read about your ideas and surround yourself with things such as, objects, quotes, music, colours that inspire more of such ideas.

Don’t be overly critical:

Know that some part of your mind may feel threatened or even try to reject some ideas that come up. But don’t hold back. Just let your ideas flow and don’t censor yourself. Keep an atmosphere of openness when generating ideas, whether alone or with a group.  You can sort the ideas later and determine which ones may be of best use.

See yourself as a creative person:

We are not all creative in the same way, but we are certainly all creative. Starts seeing yourself as such because it builds your confidence in the ideas you generate. Don’t listen to people who try to downplay your idea and don’t do it yourself. Be happy about your creative spunks and go for them. In creativity there are no wrongs, so be you and express yourself every day.