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So, do you find yourself instantly dozing and falling asleep whenever you finally make time to settle down behind a laptop or in front of your TV set to catch a movie, or a show you like?

Before we delve into it…, let me just throw this out there; Isn’t it quite annoying?

How you have to find strength to go through everything else, but the moment you settle to do something else— probably, something you like, you’re all of a sudden engulfed by undeniable tiredness and exhaustion, so much so that, you really have no choice but to let yourself go and catch that needed rest instead. All because you have used up all your energy and there is none for you!

Well recently, I have found a diagnosis for that situation. It’s called growing up! And needing to make money!

I’m in the thick of it, and quite frankly, I’m quickly I’m coming to terms with what my life is probably going to be looking like for god knows how long…, because I don’t.

Truth is, it is fairly different when the situation is that, you are investing your time and energy into things, or on a path that actually excites and brings you fulfillment…, like a career path of choice.

By now, you are getting the point of view from which I am writing…

What do you do when you are constantly falling asleep in front of your TV, not because your day was tiresome and still psychologically and financially fulfilling, but just because you had to make money?

How do you find and make time to engage your interests when you are constantly in the grips of “necessary duties” but you still have a desire to grab some “me times?”

Well, lucky for us! I’ve been reading around, and I’ve come across some essential points (smiley face)!

Consider Making a To-Do List

Having a to-do list can really help you make time for your passions. On the to-do list you can actually allocate some minutes or an hour to engage in that interest that excites, relaxes and fulfills you, before resuming your schedule. Truth is, making time to engage in your interest or passion can refuel you to complete your list. So you can consider the hour you allocate yourself a “break-time,” and we all deserve a break-time. Whiles we are making money, we can still stop to breathe, right?

Maximize your between times.

Waiting at the doctor’s office. Standing in line at the grocery store. Waiting to meet a friend for coffee. There are lots of small bits of ‘between time’ in your day that you can put to use taking action on your passion. You might bookmark sites in your interest area to read during these down times, or a carry a related book that you can read, or even keep a notebook with you to do some planning in these between-times.

Ask for help.

This can be a really tough one for many of us, but truth is, you don’t have to do everything alone. If you’re really serious about following your passion, you need to tell you friends and family about it, and ask them to support you. They might volunteer to babysit so you have a couple of hours to study. Maybe your husband or wife could do the grocery shopping (or another chore) so you have time to work on your passion (and you can return the favor for them later). Telling your family and friends will also open up more connections who share your interests.


If you can finish two or more tasks within a single period, this can free up more time for your personal activities. Multitasking is a good way to squeeze a few more hours into your free time and get things done quickly. This can also be used to do both work and do fun things at the same moment. For example, listening to your favorite podcast while working, or catching up on your book while waiting for the laundry to finish.

Make your hobby fun: 

Finally, never allow yourself to not enjoy your hobby. Sometimes it may be an expensive affair or even time-consuming. But once you start enjoying it, you will not find it a chore. A hobby should be more like a fun activity and a fulfilling experience that you can wrap yourself in from time to time.


I sure hope these tips can help us make time for ourselves, to be happy, even as we also strive to make money, to pay for our lifestyles and bills. Growing up should not mean losing ourselves. It should rather guide us into becoming more of ourselves, and that can only happen if we make time to nurture the self we have, in spite of the bills and duties we are faced with.

Have a great time, growing up!