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“I’m sure our family is going to love my kenkey. It’s well prepared and soft,” Alice tried to make small talk as she served.

“I’m not going to eat with my family” Ken responded, “I’m not married,” their eyes lingered a little longer on each other and suddenly Alice started to feel self-conscious.

“Oh, okay,” She started to fetch sliced onions into a plastic bag.

“I want to give it to the homeless guys down the road. I drive by and see them there all the time,” he was surprised how quickly his mind made that up. It seemed like a good idea though, so it was exactly what he was going to do, “What are the prices of the fried fish?” Ken asked.

“I have two cedi and three cedis”

“Then give me thirty cedis of the two cedi pieces” he said with a light smile.

“You’re so generous” Alice glanced at him, “God richly bless you for thinking about other people like this,” the words poured out of her mouth easily. She didn’t come across such kindhearted people every day and so the few needed to be acknowledged.

They found each other’s eyes again as Alice packaged the fifty Ghana cedis worth of food into a beautiful blue and white plastic bag; the kind she reserved for impressive purchases like this, “I’ve added two balls of kenkey and two pieces of fish just for you. I also want to bless you with it. I hope it’s okay?”

“Yes, it is,” Ken chuckled, “thank you very much. From now on, I’ve become your regular customer”

This time, Alice didn’t stop herself from laughing, “You’re always welcome,” she said, “And I’m going to treat you very generously”

“That is good to know” Ken smiled brightly. The young was lady was a sweet spirit, kind and cordial. He would definitely ask for her contact, he thought, and hoped it wouldn’t backfire.

“Let me help you take these to your car,” Alice said, referring to the kenkey, pieces of fried fish and saucy pepper she had packaged.

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