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Alice was alone in the richly furbished living room, balancing firmly at the tip of a creamy leather coach, nursing a glass of pineapple juice.

The plasma on the wall was playing but her thoughts were elsewhere. She was twenty-six again, the late afternoon sun still lingering above her, as she was standing in her small blue stall and interacting with the well-dressed, handsome young man looking to buy some of her kenkey.

She noticed when he pulled over in the nice white car. She didn’t think he was coming over, but suddenly there he was, standing by her stall. She stood up, smiled and he did same, “you’re welcome”

“Thank you,” Ken responded heartily, “I want to buy ten balls,”

Slightly taken aback, Alice furrowed her brow and almost chuckled, “Okay.., which ones, I have one cedis balls and two cedis balls”

“Give me ten of the two cedis balls,” Ken was amused himself. He knew buying twenty Ghana cedis worth of kenkey and not having a clue how he was going to dispose them was silly. But the pretty dark skinned young lady was someone he wanted to get to know, so anything to make an impression.

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