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Your Short Stories, Poems, Reflection/Inspirational Stories & Features Articles. Submit Now!

Submit at: isaac.storyboard@gmail or

Guidelines To Note:

Short Stories/Fictional Pieces should be suitable for Young-Adult or Contemporary Adult readers. They must be devoid of excessive sexual expressions. Writer (s) must categorize the story as either Young-Adult or Contemporary Adult. Importantly, stories must demonstrate relatable plots and characters who inspire, motivate and teach lessons readers can walk away with.

Poems: All kinds of Poems can be submitted.

NB: Short Stories submitted should not exceed 6 pages of a Microsoft Word Document.

Reflective or Inspirational Articles can be in the form of a Letter to Your Present or Younger Self, expressing thoughts or words of advice. It can also be an article that narrates a personal experience or incidence that has made a lasting impression of your life, with lessons readers can draw from.

NB: Articles submitted should not exceed 2 pages of a Microsoft Word Document.

Features Articles should highlight Social Issues in Health and Wellness, Education, Art and Entertainment, Tourism, Safety and Security, among others.

NB: Articles submitted should not exceed 2 pages of a Microsoft Word Document.

All Short Stories, Poems and Articles Submitted Must be Original Pieces of the Writer. Write-Ups must come with the Writers Full Name, Profile Picture (if possible) and Contact details

STORYBOARD will contact Writer (s) to discuss and initiate payment.

STORYBOARD reserves the right to publish or decline a write-up submitted. Thank You!


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Editing: We undertake extensive and critical proofreading and rewriting with writers to polish materials before publishing.

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