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On the day I grew tired, I surrendered.
I lifted my hands and parted the curtains—
And there, where I had been standing,
In the shadows of my copious truths—
Sunshine streamed in and found me— where I am,
That you may also see me for who I am

How does it feel?
Like a long night has suddenly come to an end,
Like I’m done trying to prove myself to someone else—
But you may never know the half of it!
I hope you find wisdom in my words


Fuck you! I’m the only one who can be
Sickened with myself
Fuck you! I’m letting the chips fall where they may.
I hope you don’t take my anger in the wrong way,
Because it feels good just taking in the glory of the rays—
You may never know the prudence in the things I say,
But I have stood in the dark,
And I know just how much it sips your breath away.

©Ike Parbey