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He is his mother’s son,
She doesn’t know that he is a stranger to her.
Perpetually he is in his father’s sight,
Someday his vision for him will fall to the ground.
Because he’s like a loner come to town.
A man of his own.


He doesn’t stop praying for himself.
He needs strength.
He knows he needs it more than the rest.
When he looks in the mirror,
He sees a man to rise,
Would have to fall,
That is his destiny!
It was the fate of all his predecessors.



Let me tell you a secret.
Someday he will break his mother’s heart.
His father will fall to the ground.
Both would weep for a lost son.
I don’t know the full story now,
But they will both do something, certainly.
For him though, do not cry,
It must happen.

For his glory to shine like the break of dawn,
For his lips to sing the tune of his own song,
It must happen.

It would be a sight to behold,
What kind of son had he become?

Sit still, let me finish.
This is the story of a boy who falls in love;
Seventy-seven times love breaks his heart.
Will he find courage to go after what he has?
His kind of Love.


I bring this story to an end.
As a last resort, they would turn to Him.
Maybe, they should have turned to him.
He is their son!
But like a loner come to town,
A man on his own,
He was long gone.

What is strength? This poem tries to illustrate it in the life of Character who has to stand for himself at all cost.