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Such a picture clearly raises a concern about the kind of young girls growing up in communities. Do our young girls know their self-worth? How familiar are they with concepts like women empowerment, what it means to have dignity, courage, discipline. Are these concepts being taught at school?

I assumed this girl wasn’t above sixteen years. She didn’t see a need to get up and walk away. But I believe an empowered, sound educated young girl would have instinctively known that she deserved better and in fact, she should walk away from such the abusive situation.

Girls like her represent the majority of uneducated, naïve young girls in our society today. If this assertion is true, then we can imagine the number of girls who are being abused and inappropriately touched every day by unruly young and older men.

Worst are those who call themselves their boyfriends! Many of these girls fail to consider that what is being done to them is wrong. If you’re a parent who isn’t close to your girl child, advising and encouraging her, chances are she is already a victim like these girls we have all seen in the videos.

The moral lesson here: Pay attention to your children; the girl child— educate her on rights, privileges, responsibilities, and self-esteem; self-development, confidence and the courage to stand for herself and speak up.

The same must be done for the boy child who will eventually grow up to become the man. We can’t afford to have a deteriorated society. Our formal and informal education must encapsulate all of the above points- Isaac Parbey

We’re tired of the lips services offered in our schools and learning centres instead of world-class, empowering sound education. Our young girls are dying because of low self-esteem; allowing themselves to be degrading because nobody is teaching them they deserve better and they can choose better.

I call on the gender ministry and all related stakeholders; let’s do more to empower our young girls today!

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