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Saving Rainbow tells the story of a Children’s Home in dire need of support, and the four women who are dared to make a difference, in spite of their own circumstances…

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Maame Afua is the manageress of the Charity Home going under. All her efforts to secure corporate support are proving futile, and it looks like her fears will win.

Sedem is a twenty-seven year old rising music star— a career she feels she has sacrificed too much for— even a relationship with her mother. But her world is asking for more, and she’s afraid she has nothing left to give.

Korkor is a strikingly gorgeous thirty-year-old lawyer in a toxic relationship with a charismatic young millionaire. Korkor knows she’s not in the best situation, but her willingness to leave him is non-existing.

Esiku is modest, a twenty-nine year old teacher who senses a greater purpose on her life. She’s conflicted as to exactly what it is, and how she can bring it into fruition.
This work of fiction is exciting and easy to read. It will engage readers from start, inspire contemplations, and stimulate conversations afterwards.