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O nce upon a time: this is how I want to start this article because it’s exactly how I see our lifea story I didn’t see coming.

When you showed up in my life, you were everything I wanted, yet I still couldn’t let myself easily fall into you. Not that I am a pessimist, but you just seemed too good to be true and I didn’t let myself fall for lofty hopes and the possibilities.

But now I believe, and like my name, now I have Faith; In you my husband, the hopes we have and the God who has given me these blessings.

“God puts the lonely in families” Now I have faith in this scripture because, on the 24th of March 2012, God knit us into a Family I now can’t live without.

When you came into my life in 2012, I was not looking for love. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.

I just wanted to be and even though we had recently started dating, I didn’t think we had a future. You were just a nice guy to have around- Faith

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