Kweku, Inspired By a Photo

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He was such a great guy. There was something really special about his eyes, I think. The light it expelled was able to stare right through the soul; past the masquerading, past the outward façade.

No wonder he was extremely empathic— Kweku— because he had a closer familiarity with the human condition; the way we’re all broken, astonishing chaotic and messy, and sometimes just plain old stupid— but we swaddle it all up in thin pride and parade around like lions protecting territories.

I can’t believe he’s no longer with us. I can’t believe the rabbles came down that fateful day and buried him. That Friday, we all said we’re too tired to go digging for diamonds. Why! The Master cannot kill us, we grumbled. Yet only two of us sat exactly where we were.

Kweku was faithful to his death! The guy separating me and Ato was simply a special kind of something. I can’t believe my friend is gone. I can’t believe we’re mourning him.

Inspired by Photo