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P eople as we are, we continually peddle the cliché about life being short almost all the days of our lives…

But sub-consciously, I dare to say that we always think it will last forever. We proclaim statements like “Live your best life now because you are living on borrowed life, etc” But at some point, life really hits us and we realize, this thing (life) is really is short! And there is a need for circumspection.

My father’s death took me by surprise, greatly. It happened as swiftly as a running thought. Yes, he was dealing with some health conditions. And as a family, we were taking care of him. But his passing certainly wasn’t expected.

And it left me thinking about all the plans we had. The things I wanted to do with him and for him. That 16th February of 2007 would forever be seared on my mind. Not only because the day brought bouts of sorrows, but also the lessons it taught me: seize the moments. Nothing lasts forever.

As humans as we are, we forget such profound truths easily even though, we promise ourselves to live more consciously. And the only times we remember such values is when we are standing above graves.

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