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And then there were your parents. Huh. They weren’t the most validating. At best you will describe their relationship with you as abysmal— but at that age, you didn’t have a word to describe it!

And unfulfilling as it was, you did with it like you mostly do with everything else— you stuff it inside and keep it to yourself.

Oh, I see you now. And the things you have kept to yourself my younger self!

 Now, this is what I’ll say; even though things were a little bit difficult, I think you managed very well. I wish things were a little bit different; probably hopeful, and easy.

I wish you weren’t laughed at and didn’t feel alone. But you did feel alone and you were hurt. But through it all, you managed well. Some lose their mind and heart. But you took your chances.

You found strength in yourself and hold on to you! You keep empowering yourself and building. Keep building. I hope you crossed to the other side.

As told by a heart that was once hurt!

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