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I still don’t know if it was the death of our relationship. If you just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t change untowardly towards you. But I don’t know if that was what scared you. I remember you suddenly changed.

You became controlling and bossy, almost like an uncomfortable second skin. You started showing traits of insecurity and it started to wear me down. Many times I wondered where the insecurities were coming from.

And gradually, it all started to dissipate— everything we had been nurturing together; our love and the heart. One day, you saw me chatting with one of your friends and it was the cane that broke the camel’s back. You concluded I was cheating.


You wouldn’t hear any of it. I tried to talk to you, but you said no. You walked away and left me with anxieties. The next day you came to my house and told me you couldn’t continue with our relationship.

And there you left me broken. You were my first lesson; to love with caution. After all these years, I am still learning.

As told by Ms. Naa Palm, a Journalist and Beauty Expert 

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