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T rue love is special and its something we all hope to experience; be it in marriage, family and friendships— even in relationships that do not make it to the alter.

And yes, ours didn’t make it to the altar— that is one reason I have a chance to pen this petit article. Also, I just want to reminisce in what you meant to me. So here we go: I caught myself thinking about you today.

I realised it’s been over ten years since I last set eyes on you— you my first love.

Where Are You? I wondered. With my memories of you, also came the realization— your love turned me inside out, upside down, round and round and finally left me open broken.

Open broken. So today, as I write this piece in remembrance of you, I write as a fairly matured soul. Let me tell you this; since we walked away from our love affair, I have gone on to learn other things that have made me wiser.

But of course, you were my first point of romantic love. When I met you, I was a green; a fresh pile of wet grass and you were my all together new experience.

You introduced yourself and I mentioned my name. I was a new intern, a background vocalist with a band you were administrators of. You complimented my vocal prowess and suggested we start working together.

I didn’t even think how close. I didn’t see any problem with it. So I agreed with your suggestion and then it all started. We started.

You were loving like an elder brother. You took the time to talk to me and teach me about life. For me, listening to you at that age, you were witty, profound and knowledgeable. Somewhere along the line, I think I let myself assume that we would grow old together.

At the core of our relationship, you were the root and I would say I was our beautiful vibrant branches. And with it came my sense of confidence- Naa Palm

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