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Don’t feed negative emotions: 

Manage your emotions, and don’t feed on negative ones. You’re less likely to get overwhelmed when you do this. As much as possible, always try to look at things objectively. It helps you avoid stirring up unneeded emotions.

Be mindful of your vocabulary:

Become a stronger communicator by using specific words that can help you communicate your ideas and thoughts better. When you can pinpoint what’s going on, you have a higher likelihood of addressing problems.

Practice empathy: 

Practice focusing on others and walking in their shoes. Empathetic statements do not excuse unacceptable behaviour, but they help remind you that everyone has their own issues.

Be motivated:

Emotionally intelligent people are self-motivated and their attitude motivates others around them. They set high goals and are resilient in the face of challenges.

Take critique well:

Instead of getting offended or defensive, high EQ people take a few moments to understand where the critique is coming from, how it is affecting others, their own performance and how they can resolve the issues.

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