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Predators resort to pressure when their targets prove challenging:

We saw in the documentary how eventually Dr Boniface Igbeneghu started losing his cool when the target was proving difficult.

He locked the door and switched off the light because he needed to have his way at all cost— to give her the “cold room” experience.

Also continuously inviting someone to your office and asking them to come to your house to cook for you is pressurizing, like Prof. Gyampo was doing. Inviting yourself to their house is more pressurizing.

It showed him as someone losing his cool because he wasn’t getting your way. No woman needs to be put under such pressure because of a man’s sexual urges.

Tip: Please don’t keep quiet; perpetrators rely on your silence to continue their harassment; report sex predators and sexual harassments to the police and institutional heads. Refuse to be helpless.

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