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Predators shame their targets for displaying naivety:

Typically, predators mock/humiliate the innocence of their targets. They groom their targets to think and feel that their virtue, goodness or innocence is something to be ashamed of.

They make statements like, “you mean you’re still a virgin? Do you think you’re a child? What are you waiting for? You’re not a man! Or you’re not a woman” Their aim is to depower their target, cause doubt and make them feel stupid for their choices.

They tell their targets what they should be doing and project themselves as the best people who can honour that need.

Tip: Be steadfast in your ways and choices. You’re the best person to make decisions for yourself. Be open to opinions but know that you always have the last say in your choices. Make decisions that feel comfortable to you and do not succumb to pressure.  

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