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Predators use explicit and profane language/actions on the targets:

Being explicit and profane is another tool employed by predators. A sex predator will ideally use sexually suggestive words on their target with the aim of generating arousal. Predators want to control the mind of their target with sexually explicit images.

Like Prof. Gyampo, a sex predator will ask a question like, “Have you been violently kissed before?”  And then romanticize how they will sexually please the target when given the opportunity.

A sex predator will attempt groping, kissing, worst, rape their target. A bully will inject fear into his or her target by painting horror images and acting violently.  

Tip: Don’t be left in an isolated place with a suspected predator. When you find yourself alone with one call for help with any means possible; scream, call a friend. Importantly, learn how to defend yourself and don’t give ear or eyes to a sex predator when possible.

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