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Predators lure their targets with estimated needs and wants:

Of course, Prof. Gyampo didn’t have any intention to marry the lady journalist assigned to him. But a sex predator like him also knows that a culture like ours pressurizes its young ladies with marriage; our culture, in fact, esteems the married more than the unmarried— even if the marriage is an abusive one!

So he continued to play that card, expecting it to it be the thing that would attract his target. And Dr Paul Butakor knows that men like him make it tough for young ladies to achieve excellence without ungodly compromises.

So he proposes to be his targets “side guy” because at the end of the day, nothing is for free and young ladies must “pay with their body,” as Dr Boniface Igbeneghu of the University of Lagos explained in the documentary.

Tip: Don’t enslave yourself with desires or wants. Don’t let others intimidate you with your estimated desires or wants. When you need something, explore all possible options and try finding it in different places— because in many cases, there will always be more than one option available. Don’t let anybody PLAY GOD OVER YOU because all predators have a god-complex.

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