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Predators incessantly comment/complement the look of their target to the point of discomfort:

It’s mostly their first step into their act. It’s one way of testing the confidence level of their target; whether they have a positive or poor self-image.

When a predator realizes their target has a poor self-image or low self-esteem, that element of insecurity is the first thing they attack and begin to manipulate to their advantage.

That is why in the documentary we saw Prof Gyampo, Dr Butakor and Dr Igbeneghu, go on and on about the “beauty” of their targets. A person with positive self-image will see through their actions, but a young man or woman struggling with poor self-image will easily fall for it.

Tip: It is important to build on your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Find and read books on these topics. And importantly, you must always know that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! You’re beautiful.

You’re handsome. You’re smart. You can achieve all your dreams. Be your biggest Advocate. Nobody should love you and validate you more than you do for yourself! Stand in the Mirror today and begin to love what you see.

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