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He’s trying to make it back home,

Seems life has him by the tail.

He’s had quite a day, concave like a bay,

Yet that goal pegged on the straight line is all he sees.


He wants to sit down with Love, ones he gets home,

That someone he calls special.

Chat away the night, giggling at life’s messes

And caress his soul to sleep with the voice of his beloved.


But he knows life has him at the tail,

A knot in his throat;

So much he wants to do,

So much he isn’t able to say.


Thus for now,

He shall retire to what fate has decreed,

Meander through this web of fortunes to the sunsets,

And tell his somber heart,

“Don’t wait too long to be happy,”

They have no power to tell you what to be!

By Two Strangers