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A t the heart of our desires, we all want to live vibrant, exciting and purposeful lives.

The hard truth however is, this life will escape many of us if we continue holding on to some habits, friends and lifestyles. To be productive and progressive, there’s a need for assessments, planning, focus and hard work.

If you feel (like I sometimes do) that there is more to be achieved and more to do, and yet you’re functioning below your brightest and highest potentials, then 2020 is a good year to readjust, focus and start working towards the great life you want.

In my reflections, I have come up with the following points I’m convinced can help us empower ourselves in this year and beyond:

Challenge yourself and enjoy the process and progress: Don’t keep yourself in your comfort zone for far too long. Strive to do more by exploring areas of academia, career paths and vocations that seem to scare you.

Build on your capacity and skills by trying new things. Importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process and progress as you explore. It’s never a competition. Just seek out new ways of improving yourself and do it at your own steady pace.   

Stay open to life: Control is a big thing most of us struggle with. We just have to be in control of everything! But the more you live, you realize life doesn’t give us all the answers we want at ones.

So it is important to stay open to experiences and events as they unfold in your life— even when you don’t understand— and trust that, in all situations there are lessons to learn. So instead of trying to control situations and events, identify the hidden lessons in the situations and use them to climb up in life. Life keeps moving, move along with it.

Stay away from bad energy: we all know the things that continue to sip away our energies and positive vibes. They may be abuse of social media, secret bad habits or even people you know don’t influence you positively.

In 2020 make conscious efforts to stay away from such activities, habits and people. Focus on building on your potentials, skills and positive networks. It may seem easier said than done, but would you rather watch yourself sink to the ground because of bad energy and habits? If your progress, success and peace of mind means anything to you, you will stay away from things that tend to crash your spirit, and instead focus on things that uplift and improve you.

Follow your dreams: Your dreams fuel your life. They give your life meaning and hope. It’s always important to go after your dreams. Don’t leave them hanging because sometimes the road tends to be hard to travel. It’s never a competition as stated above. Move and work according to your strength and make it a point to enjoy the process and progress. Make sure you are waking up every day to a higher purpose— your dreams and hopes— and keep going.

Above all, Love Yourself: I cannot over emphasize this factor. It is one of the important keys to success and a peaceful life. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough and don’t yourself that either. Look in the mirror and be comfortable and happy with the man or woman, young lady or gentleman that stares back at you. Know you are full of potentials, you can achieve your dreams and add to this life positively. Make no room for self-hate, over-criticism and doubts.

Loving yourself will tear down your perceived limitations and you will conquer the world, because you already have the power to do so!

Let’s make 2020 a wonderful, exciting year by empowering ourselves!