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He called to check on me when I got home. And that was obviously another surprise he threw at me. Little did I know that it was going to become a ritual. Eventually, he started making plans for us to hangout.

I allowed myself to enjoy every time I found myself in his presence.

And the day he finally told me us to be more than friends, was one of the happiest days of my life. I had been waiting for it. We dated for about two and a half years.

When we finally broke up, it wasn’t because of sour reasons. Distance and lack of communication on my part played major roles. Ken was a great guy. Because Ken possessed many wonderful qualities.

Since then I have learned the importance of communication in relationships; communicate my thoughts and feelings more freely and avoid assumptions when I can ask and get answers.

I’ve carried this lesson into my current relationship.


Looking back now, I realized why I disliked Ken in the beginning. We were opposites. He was quiet and reserved. And I was loud and extrovert. He was easily liked by everybody and I was seen as the troublemaker. The best I could do at that time was hate him. Very silly.

Today I’m thankful that I got to know him better. And even though our union didn’t last forever, I can look back and remember him with fond memories. I wonder if I should consider this a heartbreak story. But I can say it was worthwhile.

As told by Mary Frimpong

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