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They say love is food for the soul. I tend to agree, but it doesn’t always show up in the ways you may want it.

Ken Asamoah and I hardly agreed on anything. We were back in Katon Senior High School. We were classmates, but I disliked Ken because he was the class prefect and my name was always on his list of class talkative.

I know it’s been said that people you dislike are people you secretly like. I was certain our case wasn’t so. We just couldn’t stand each other. When we finally graduated and parted ways, I didn’t think we would cross paths again.

But thanks to God we did, and when it happened, it was the beginning of our new chapter; one I hardly anticipated. We met in town one cool day and to be frank I surprised myself when I didn’t pass him by. Ken looked matured and handsome. He said I looked good too.

We shared a polite chat and neither of us stirred up a storm by bringing up the kind of relationship we shared whiles back in school. But I was most surprised that Ken requested for my contact details before we departed and that for me, was the beginning of the love l found- Mary Frimpong

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