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In all my endeavours
I have always been a saviour
In the best of my behaviours
Predicting, only to be of favour
Then I realized it was just labour

So I ask, what have I to offer?

A year ago,
I thought about my ego
Adhering to it like a logo
Which I will always follow
But sometimes felt I was hanged on gallows
This made me so hollow

I have always been prudent and fluent
This has made me independent
Above all, I am benevolent and descent
And always like to be discreet
So I keep my secrets
Then I ask, do I know my talents?

Since I am active
It makes me productive
At the end, it makes me effective
This makes me a true dative
I learn to forgive
So is this my motive?

Knowing my vision
I love to accomplish my mission
And this keeps me in motion
Trying to come out with a solution
I inculcate the spirit of devotion
So l ask, can I ever degrade my reputation?

All about my ego, does it end?
Do I only have to assist?
Is there a limit to pursue?
Is it my aim to commit?

By Josephine Boateng