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Those are not the right nutrients or genes needed. But instead, try this; leverage on those negative voices and opinions and churn them into positive vibes! Feed yourself with the real soul food for blooming; positivity! Lots of that will be needed for your bloom. 

Focus on yourself; loving you, self-development, growth, continuous learning, hammering on your passion, blocking out all that negative noise and jabs from the critics and frenemies, realising your worth and upgrading it more and more through value addition avenues and striking the arrow right in the middle of that board game in achieving your targets and goals. Fill yourself up with positive vibes and tenacity and see how you bloom to degrees that will “shook” the garden you find yourself in and even extend to other gardens.

Your garden can be your community, school, industry, country, field among others. Your season of bloom will happen in its predestined time. Don’t botch that process just because someone else has just bloomed and you are in awe and experiencing pangs of jealousy. Don’t! Be happy for that person and celebrate with him or her. It’s his or her time and your bloom will spring forth in due season.

Never try to cut short the “metamorphosis” process of your bloom. Don’t botch it! Sadly, it will never be a sight to behold. It’s beauty and intricate details will be destroyed. Remember, there’s a season to everything under the sun; ……” a time to plant and a time to uproot”. Don’t rush your season of bloom. Wait on it. Your bloom will start from within you. The world needs the nectar from your bloom!

By Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa. Creative Writer. Editor. Content Creator. Blogger

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