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Flowers blossom and attract bees. They don’t worry with the bees finding them. They stay in their place of purpose. You were created exactly as you are for a purpose and you don’t need to compromise your identity in your search for anything Omilola Oshikoya  (Excerpts from The Richer Woman Book)

The unique combination of sun, wind, water, temperature and precise location sets the stage for flowers to bloom. Rain in small doses during certain seasons is perfect. Little rain provides a poor climate for seed germination and lots of rain, causes seeds to be washed away.

Showers that come too early or late may not help flowers bloom and the temperature needs to be right on point. Flowers bloom to attract insects, which then carry pollen from one flower to another and fertilize the growing fruits and seeds. In 2005, Ove Nilsson discovered the flower-initiating substance.

The genes that determine when flowering occurs are active in the leaves, not in the tips of the shoots where the actual flower opens. The gene was said to produce signal molecules that are carried from the leaves to the tips of the shoots, where they control protein formation for actual flowering.

In effect, each year’s bloom is unique in its variety, profusion and timing. Every stage of your blooming will be unique and distinct from another person’s; your best friends, your brothers, wife or even your twin in varied ways. The number of nutrients in its right proportions that you feed and nourish yourself with and the innate genes in you will determine how profusely you will bloom during your season.


If you feed yourself with negativity from others, making you feel unworthy, losing your sense of esteem and doubting yourself in the process, through that sinister voice within or judging yourself based on your immediate circumstances, be sure to expect no bloom.

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