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Before retiring to bed that evening, she called Amina and told her what she had done. Amina celebrated her friends’ effort with joyous screams and laughter. She told her it was a step in the right direction because there were certainly better days ahead.

On Monday when Okailey went to work, Judith saw the warm changes in her boss. She seemed cheerer in her stylish pink jacket and pencil skirt. Her countenance looked lighter and she moved much gentler in her black heels, not as firm as she usually did.

Judith wondered what happened over the weekend for Okailey to come in looking like sunshine. She decided to find out and she started by complimenting her outfit, “Thank you” Okailey said cheerfully. She was all smiles.

“Anything special happen over the weekend?” Judith asked, hoping she wasn’t being too forward, “you look different…” she added, smiling.

“I feel different” Okailey answered heartily to Judith’s amazement, “I let go off a lot of weight over the weekend; some things holding me back and now I feel I can fly,” she was smiling and looking at Judith who was waiting for more information:

“I won’t give you details…” she told Judith, “but I will tell you this, never let any relationship, whatsoever hold you down. When it’s good, enjoy it and when it ends, let it go…! You’re better off loving yourself than holding on to broken hopes…” her eyes were bright like her smiles.

Judith was happy for her boss. She had found joy, and Okailey deserved it, she thought. Even though she hadn’t given details, she deduced Okailey had been dealing with relationship problems. Glad as she was for her boss, she didn’t expect what followed:

“And about the flyer you left on my desk on Friday, I think I will be taking the vacation after all” Okailey announced, “my best friend signed us up for it. I guess it was supposed to happen! I need the break!” Okailey said and left Judith shocked.

“Are you sure?” she couldn’t believe it

“Of course I am…” she laughed and Judith did same.

She told her boss it was a good decision and wished her all the best. The week came to an end and on Friday, Amina and Okailey found their way onto the tour bus with their bags like the other tourists, at the scheduled time.

They shared a seat, exchanged pleasantries and expectations with other tourists and by the time the tour bus was ready to head towards the Brong-Ahafo region, everyone supposed to be on the bus was seated.

The driver steered with caution and the passengers conversed with one another. In her heart, even though the vacation had just begun, Okailey was sure it was going to be her best yet because she was convinced the vacation was just what she needed to fill up her joy cup again. And she was going to do that on this trip!

The End

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