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She was going to be climbing mountains and visiting forest areas; bathing in royal rivers and doing a lot more as listed on the brochure.

The hotel they would be staying in was rated a five-star and the thought of waking up and being catered to made her stomach tingle— suddenly she was finding her joy again. She felt herself relax as she eased more into the idea of spending time away from her job and regular routine.

They continued talking and as time ticked, Amina realized she was getting her friend back; the cheery, happy, easy-going spirit which was truly Okailey. She took leave off Okailey at six pm.

When Okailey was finally alone, the decision dawned on her again; moving on and finding new joy’s? Memories that didn’t involve Aeron? She wondered if she could pull it off. Without waiting for her doubts to settle in, she answered herself with a silent strong yes.

She picked her mobile phone and knew exactly how to start liberating herself; she started deleting old messages from Aeron she had been keeping. She cleared all of them and did so with the pictures as well.

She literally felt her heart lighten, suddenly being able to breathe better and feeling a hundred pounds lighter. She was surprised at the effects. She was getting her life back, getting back to happy.

She went into her bedroom and started clearing her wardrobe as well. Every shirt and trousers that belonged to Aeron, she pulled out. Sometimes she slept in some of them just to feel close to him, but not anymore, she thought, as she let the cloths fall to the ground.

When she finished, she collected them and went to the back of her house and set fire to them. As she watched fire consume the clothes, she inhaled and exhaled deeply, freeing herself of all hurt. It had taken a while, but she had done it and it felt great!

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