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For almost four years, she lived to make Aeron happy. It didn’t matter that she was a young lawyer carving her own path in her chosen field; when she was with Aeron, she was a just a girl in love, who wanted to be loved and she did everything to please him.

That was why she completely lost it when he all of a sudden uprooted himself from her life. But it was time to move on! Listening to her best friend, she knew it was the right thing to do—it was time to flip the page and see what the rest of her story held. She couldn’t continue living like this.

The future was uncertain. But now that she knew life wouldn’t always give her everything she wanted, she was ready to take her chances again and this time, deal with her disappointments more maturely.

Also, she would hate for her life to be filled with bitter memories. It was therefore time to create new happy ones, “I’m sorry,” Okailey finally apologised to Amina, “I know I’ve been hard to deal with lately. Forgive me”

Amina smiled. She wasn’t expecting Okailey to apologize, “that’s okay,” Amina said, “I just want you to be happy and it seemed like I was just watching you drown. I couldn’t let that happen!” Amina was such a generous wonderful friend. Not many people had such friends and she was glad to have one, “So are we going on the trip or what..? I want us to, it will be fun! Consider it a fresh start”


Okailey nodded wholeheartedly. It was exactly what she needed, if she was going to move on with her life and find her joy again. It was certainly the best way to approach her new life.

They drank to that and spent the rest of the afternoon planning the trip. Amina showed Okailey the details of the reservations she had made; she put their names down for a tour to the Brong-Ahafo region, a place none of them had been before. They were scheduled to leave the capital with other tourists on a bus, coming Friday afternoon. The colourful brochures listed all the places they would be visiting and activities they would be involved in.

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