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“It’s okay if you’re not over it,” Amina said softly, “we can talk about it but please don’t deny it altogether. It’s doing neither of us any good”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying, since your break-up with Aeron, your life has been on pause. All you do is just work. You hardly smile, and you’re angry. You take it out on everybody,” she paused and then added, “You’re struggling with moving on, we can talk about it and help you get your life back. He’s not here! He doesn’t deserve to have all this power,” Amina said.

Of course, she had been struggling. Dealing with the aftermath of the break-up had been hard and trying to move past it, had been worse.

Beyond the anger, there was now an insurmountable fear sitting in her heart. She didn’t trust anything anymore, because one minute she was in a happy three-year relationship; and the next minute, Aeron was standing in front of her, telling her he didn’t think she was the woman for him because he was still in love with his ex.

He walked out of her living room that Saturday afternoon with a chunk of her faith and joy. And since that day, she had been living a half-life, letting everyone around her pay for her unhappiness too.

She knew Amina was right; she could continue like this. Aeron sucked life out of her, but she couldn’t let him have the upper hand forever. He had moved on and it would be a shame if all she settled for was the hurt he left her with; she had to find her joy again.

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