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Judith nodded softly, and silently prayed nothing should come up. She bid her boss a happy weekend and took her leave. Okailey finished up at eight pm and also exited the premises in her Black SUV.

The next day, a Saturday, she was in her kitchen with her best friend, Amina, at about twelve pm. Rice was boiling on fire and Amina was stirring the tomato stew with a wooden ladle.

The two went way back. They met in senior high school and have been inseparable since. They have seen each other through different phases of their lives; new relationships, heartbreaks, job offers, dishing out pieces of advice and simply being there for each other.

Amina Baah was a senior high school general science teacher, thirty-one years of age like Okailey and just as pretty. She was engaged, soon to be married to Kwasi Amankwah, a banker and partner of three years. Kwasi had recently performed the traditional ceremony that officially introduced him to Amina’s family.

Now the two love birds were putting things together towards their white wedding. Okailey was going to be Amina’s maid of honour and she was over the moon elated for her friend. Seeing how Kwasi worshipped the grounds Amina walked on gave Okailey a clear picture of what to aspire for in her next relationship.

“Least I forget,” Amina said suddenly as she was stirring the stew, “I have a surprise”

Okailey rolled her eyes. Amina loved to exaggerate sometimes and Okailey had learned to not buy into it. They were standing by the stove, “what is it?” Okailey asked guardedly.

“I’ll tell you when we’re seated at the table…, and stop rolling your eyes at me”

“Just tell me”

“No. It’s something you have to see” she clarified, “but first, see to the rice and don’t let it burn. The strew is ready”


Okailey announced the rice was cooked too. Okailey dished their rice and Amina served the stew. They found their way to the hall to do what they usually did, watch TV and eat, “So what did you have to show me?” Okailey asked as they ate.

With that reminder, Amina quickly put her food aside and picked her handbag. Her excitement was palpable. She pulled a glossy flyer out of her bag and handed it to Okailey, expecting a similar reaction.

“I’ve seen this already” her indifference was annoying, “My assistant left one on my desk yesterday. I’m not interested in taking a vacation…” she looked at Amina who suddenly seemed heartbroken and short of words.

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