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Judith didn’t understand why her boss chose to live the life of a workaholic. Even she took breaks and had to be replaced by a temporary assistant until she came back to work, but Okailey was all about reading briefs, meeting clients and closing deals! For someone as diligent, smart and drop-dead gorgeous as her boss to not have a life outside of work, Judith thought it was completely wrong.


She had never tried to broach the conversation, but even so, it was the only reason she left the colourful flyer on the desk that morning; hoping it would trigger her interest, for her to consider taking that long-overdue rest or vacation. But clearly, her intentions failed to yield positive results because Okailay noticed the flyer alright, gave it one long stare and then brushed it aside.

There was nothing more she could do so she let it go.

The rest of the week sailed on quietly and on Friday when they were getting ready to call it a day, Judith started praying Okailey wouldn’t announce she would be working on Saturday. Sometimes she sacrificed her weekend to be in the office too.

But certainly not this week! She didn’t want to. Her boyfriend had plans for them and she didn’t want to disappoint him or spend her Saturday in the office, if she was being honest. The weekends were for resting and catching up on fun.

Since she became Okaileys assistant, she couldn’t exactly say so. She never knew what her boss would come up with. Maybe, unconsciously, that was why she was trying to get her to take some vacation of some sort. If Okailey was away having fun, then she wouldn’t have to worry about impromptu meetings and work schedules.

Of course, she loved her job, and she would go all out to honour her responsibilities and more, but unlike her boss, she had a life outside of work and it was just right to give that some attention too, “Are we working this weekend?” Judith cringed as she asked, not knowing where the answer would fall.

“No, we aren’t” Okailey lifted her head and made eye contact with her assistant who looked clearly relieved, “I’ll just finish up here and be on my way too, but if anything comes up I’ll let you know…” Okailey said.

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