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Okailey was working at her desk that Tuesday afternoon. In between, she lifted her eyes to read the clock. The time was 2: 35 pm.

As always, there was a lot to do, she thought when she pulled a paper out of her upper drawer, and again her eyes found the colourful flyer. It was on her desk when she came into the office that morning. She took one look at it and immediately put it away. She didn’t need to see it a second time.

Taking a vacation as the leaflet was suggesting was not in her plans. There was life to live and work to be done! A few days away wouldn’t make any difference. She literally rolled her eyes at the flyer which was colourfully showcasing various tourist attractions; first-class hotels and destinations and happy people interacting with nature.

When she asked her assistant, Judith, how the flyer got to her desk, Judith owned up. She said a friend working with a travel and tour firm gave her a few to share. She left one on Okailey’s desk, hoping her boss would be interested.

She started working for Okailey about two years ago, but her fresh like wine boss, she had observed, was yet to take any kind of break. Okailey worked on general holidays and sometimes on weekends. It was clear she lived and breathed practising law.

At thirty-one, she was the go-to person on everything Corporate Law at Mark and Ansah Litigations. The bosses loved her and her clients trusted her judgments. Judith admired and respected her boss because Okailey was generous but strict. She expected Judith to always bring her “A” game just as she did. Considerably, the two had a wonderful working relationship.

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