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When Lisa made it home, Korkor was in her kitchen boiling rice and preparing the stew. She became so happy she literally smiled brightly at her friend, in spite of her mixed emotions.

They have been best friends for almost eight years— they met in the university when Lisa was reading Strategic Communications and Korkor was a Biomedical Science student— over the years their friendship had weathered seasons that have only brought them closer and matured them.

Lisa had a key to Korkor’s apartment and Korkor had a key to Lisa’s. They supported each other as much as they could, and even when they had disagreements, they knew at heart they shared best intentions for each other.

Korkor was confident Lisa would show up for her in her darkest hour. Lisa shared the same faith, “Don’t smile too much, next time, you’ll be the one in my kitchen,” Korkor said when Lisa couldn’t hide her joy.

Lisa pulled a chair for herself and sat at the round kitchen table, “I’m so hungry” she said, “How many minutes do I have to wait? I’ve eaten only two apples and a carrot today and drinking a lot of water”

Korkor glanced at Lisa as she stirred the stew, “and you’re clearly getting back in shape. You’re taking this dieting seriously”

“Of course, I have to. It’s part of finding the new me; no more reckless eating just because I’m having a bad day”

“Yes madam,” Korkor teased, “give me thirty minutes, I’ll be done. How did your session go?”

“Oh, intense as usual” Lisa heaved, “but of course, it’s worth every dime. Dr Ansah is helping me see a lot of things differently; with every session, I feel she helps me release some bottled-up issue”

Korkor smiled at her friend, “I’m so proud of you; taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Maybe I should start seeing Dr Ansah as well. My life needs cleaning too” Korkor teased and they laughed.

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