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Lisa and Ato met on a second date at Highway Gardens, a leisure place open to the public and located in the heart of the city. They purchased a picnic basket and sat in the grass under the bright afternoon skies.

They had both been looking forward to this moment.

“So who goes first?” Ato asked and Lisa knew what he was referring to.

“You go first” she laughed and Ato nodded, amused. She started emptying their picnic basket onto the white napkin Ato had laid on the grass. He started to get into how things ensued between him and his father.

“He was very remorseful, even of the phone he had been. But I didn’t trust it until I saw him and he apologized. I think he truly regrets and now we are starting on a new slate” he picked a spring roll and bit into it. Lisa was carrying a small blow of salad and eating with a fork.

“Dr. Ansah will be very excited to hear all this”

“Yes, she will. I’m excited too. I feel I’m getting another chance to know him and it’s good”

“It’s great!”

Ato smiled heartily, “Thank you. So how about you? How did it go with your parents?”

“It was quite interesting”

“What do you mean quite interesting. I want details”

“Of course I’ll give you details,” she said teasingly, “it started the usual way; my mum being mean and all— until I told her I’m seeing a psychologist because of depression. It suddenly changed her mood. She looked so broken and worried. I had never seen her like that. She eventually apologized for the ways she had treated me badly and even stood up to my father when he tried to be his usual overbearing self. But my dad came around too. I think realizing that their only child is on anti-depressants and seeing a psychologist shook them. My dad is a different man now, much calmer and understanding. They call me every day,” She grinned, “I like it”

“That’s good. We both had breakthroughs with our parents”

“Looks like we did, finally”

Ato cracked a smile, “To moving on,” he raised his bottle of pineapple juice to Lisa. She raised hers, they clinked bottles and laughed.


The rest of the date went well. Before they parted ways, Ato told Lisa, “Whenever you need a friend to talk to, you can call me…”

She grinned heartily, “I know it’s your way of saying we should do this again. We will”

Ato laughed, “I just feel we’re going to influence each other positively. Don’t you think so?”

“I think so too” Lisa couldn’t help laughing. Nothing left to say, they said their goodbyes, promising to stay in touch.

They did and their union thrived; going to the movies, concerts, visiting museums, travelling and encouraging each other. In between, they continued seeing Dr. Ansah and staying in touch with their parents. Lisa managed to pen more stories and poems. She even invested a creative writing blog. Her goal was to publish a novel soon. Her life seemed to be falling in place and was loved how things were turning out.


Five months later, on a quiet July afternoon in Lisa’s apartment, Ato asked her to be his girlfriend. By that time, they had both freshly stopped seeing Dr. Ama Ansah. Separately, they felt they had gathered enough wisdom and lessons to help them move through their life and also make better choices.

After a week of soul-searching, Lisa said yes to Ato’s proposal and they continued dating until they decided to officially tie the knot six months later— it was a beautiful white and pink wedding— their parents, friends and family were present.

Korkor was Lisa’s maid of honor. Dr. Ansah was invited as the special guest. She was so pleased to honor the invitation, knowing their love found roots in her haven.

Present Day…

It’s been four years since Lisa and Ato tied the knot and to honor their anniversary, they had a number of activities planned. They wished they had kids to celebrate the day with, but they were yet to conceive — even so, they still had faith and were trusting God to bless them with children. All their medical reports showed they were completely healthy to get pregnant. But until then, they were confident in the love they shared, knowing they were exactly where they were supposed to be— in each other’s arms, loving each other…

The End

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