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Sometimes taking a stance for yourself can be the hardest thing to do, but do it anyway. Like ending a relationship with a lying, cheating or abusive partner.

The fear of being alone always come up. But the questions you should ask yourself are, “do I need to be in this relationship? Do I trust this person? What will be the quality of my life and this relationship if I continue being with this person I don’t trust?

Don’t be hard on yourself! You’re not judging the person. You’re just examining your situation to make the best decisions.

If you can build a relationship with a liar, go for it. But if you want more, like genuine love and care, then go find that.

Always bring your best self to your relationships and demand the same. Respect your partner, but don’t compromise your dignity and values. Show up in your brightest glow.

Your responsibility is to stand up for yourself, take care of yourself and honour yourself!

If you cannot stand up for and take care of yourself, who else can depend on you? Think about it

Your biggest Ministry in this Life is to yourself! Taking care of yourself and making sure that you’re always whole. Sadly, many people find it difficult because we have never been taught the value of self-care. the need for self-care cannot be underrated! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!